ZAZEN class of Shojin Project


Shall we do ZAZEN with us?

What's Zazen?

The foundation of the Soto Zen School's teachings is zazen. This originated with Shakyamuni Buddha who devoted himself to the practice of zazen and subsequently attained enlightenment. "Zen" refers to seeing into and discerning the truth of the way things are, then harmonizing the mind to properly correspond with that understanding. It is also to maintain the harmony of body, breath, and mind by sitting in a stable position with a focused mind.

More details about Zazen → SOTOZEN-NET

Can everyone do it?


​Yes, of course. Every time, beginners join our Zazen classes and we show how to Zazen before class. We have a small gathering after Zazen on Saturdays and we can talk, eat snacks and enjoy the time!

How can I join the class?


If you are interested in our Zazen class, please send a mail to with your name and the dates you want to join. We will let you know more details.

When is Zazen class?


※We are setting up the schedule for 2020 now...

Thursday 6:20pm ~ 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am~12:00pm
@ Komazawa University

* After Zazen class on Saturdays,
we have a gathering with drinks and snacks.(we prepare)

* Please let us know before you join us
by email(

* No member ship free for joining.

* Please wear comfortable clothes.



Komazawa University

1-23-1 Komazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

<From Shibuya> by train (7min)
Take Den-en-toshi-line(DT) and get off ​at the third station, Komazawa daigaku.(DT03)

Then go to Exit Komazawa koen exit.
(About 10 min walk From the exit to University)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


The Research Center of SOTOZEN
2-5-2 Shiba,Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-3454-7170